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Link and List Formatting with Cascading Style Sheets

Cascading Style Sheets lets you format link text any way you wish.

a:active This controls the appearance of the active link.

a:hover This controls the appearance of the link when the mouse is over it.

a:link This controls how unvisited links are displayed.

a:visited This controls how visited links are displayed.

list-style: This is a short version that allows type, image and position to be input with one command.

list-style-image: This allows one to specify the url of an image to be used as the list label.

list-style-type: This sets the label for ordered and unordered lists. Options are circle, decimal, disc, lower-alpha, lower-roman, none, square, upper-alpha or upper-roman.

list-style-position: This specifies whether list labels are to be displayed inside or outside the box. Options are inside or outside.

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